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Solar Myth Busting Drives Solar Savings

Wondering how much YOU can save with solar? Follow these important solar guidelines to enhance your energy I.Q. – and then call the experts at San Diego-based Home Energy Systems to optimize your solar ROI.

Solar Myth #1: Solar is Too Expensive

Solar is a big investment, but panel costs have dropped 40-60% in the past six years.  With higher panel efficiencies, lower price tags, 30% federal tax credits and newly reinstated cash rebates, today’s solar PV solutions are a smarter investment than ever.  Toss in the benefits of fueling your electric vehicle with free solar energy and the savings continue.

Solar Myth #2: All Solar Systems Are Created Equal

Solar panels may look similar, but rooftop panel efficiencies range from 14% to 21%.  Home Energy Systems uses SunPower — the highest-quality modules in the business, whose 25-year workmanship and power production guarantees are the industry’s best.  And Home Energy Systems offers a FREE solar power back-up system with each qualifying installation – an important tool to help keep the lights on, perishables cold and phones, flashlights and PCs charged in event of a peak-hour power outage.

Solar Myth #3: Solar Installers Are Essentially the Same

High demand has attracted many new players to San Diego’s solar marketplace.  Some have no local employees and impose the hard sell; others aren’t properly licensed for solar electric installations or are new to the business altogether.  With a 12-year A+ BBB rating, over 500 successfully-installed solar electric systems in San Diego, proper bonding and licensing credentials (including NABCEP* certification – the gold industry standard of solar installers), Home Energy Systems takes the guesswork out of your home solar investment.  Call us today for a free in-home savings assessment – or for a credible second opinion.

*NABCEP is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Solar Myth #4: Now Is Not the Best Time to Go Solar, As Prices May Continue to Fall


The costs associated with of solar electric systems have plummeted 40-60% over the course of the past six years.  And while the industry continues to look for ways to drive down costs, the energy prices you’re paying SDG&E just keep going up.  A watt of power generated by the sun today will be worth even more to you and your family in 5, 10 – even 20 years.   And solar procrastination means you could lose out on newly-reinstated California Solar Initiative (CSI) cash rebates, which are being offered on a first-come, first-served basis. These cash incentives combine with today’s 30% federal tax credits to drive savings that may not be around for long.

Solar Myth #5: The Longevity of Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) Panels Is Over-stated

We’ve already learned that not all solar electric (PV) panels are created equal. While warranted for up to 25 years, many have a design life of over 40 years.  There are modules still operating today that were manufactured in the 1950’s!  It’s an often-overlooked fact that solar is more of an investment than a home improvement.  How many home improvements can you name that pay for themselves over time – and then continue to pay YOU for decades to follow?

Solar Myth #6: Solar Has Limited Rooftop Applications Or Design Options

New racking systems allow for faster (more cost-effective) solutions on a variety of rooftops, from concrete to shingle to Spanish tile.  For more difficult gabled rooftops, where shading can be a problem, terrestrial-based structures, carports, gazebos, pole-mounts and building-integrated designs are gaining in popularity.  New inverter options also allow for split-rooftop arrays to optimize power production.

With over 500 best-in-class commercial, residential and government installations to date, Home Energy Systems’ expert team will assess your needs, ensure you have the best equipment available and provide a system design that considers aesthetics, long-term performance and optimum return on investment (ROI).

Solar Myth #7: Solar Panels Are High Maintenance

Solar photovoltaics (converting energy from the sun to generate electricity) is a straightforward technology that’s been around for decades.  The glass and module housing used on today’s panels are durable and built to sustain pressure from falling objects, wind and wide temperature variations.  And there are no moving parts, so if installed correctly, (see Myth #3), there should be little maintenance required for the life of your system.  For optimum efficiency, it’s recommended you spray your system with a high-powered hose once a year to clean the glass, particularly if you live near a freeway or construction zone.  And if roof-walking isn’t your bag, there are professional, properly bonded services who will handle any cleaning not taken care of by natural rainfall.

Solar Myth #8: Solar’s Up-front Costs Are Too High

With an array of new financing options that include $0-down, interest-free or long-term financing (and lease arrangements) solar is within reach of more homeowners than ever.  Home Energy Systems also works with the folks at the San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union, who offer a menu of low-interest loans designed specifically for energy efficiency and solar for homes and small businesses.   These packages are designed to help property owners start realizing the savings associated with harnessing the sun to produce electricity sooner rather than later!

Solar Myth #9: Solar Erodes Home Resale Values

Solar adds value to a home’s retail value in a variety of ways. A recent study out of University of California San Diego that finds roof-top solar panels aren’t just providing clean power, they shelter household rooftops, keeping them 5-degrees cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. This cuts down on year-round cooling *and* heating costs.

Further, the United States EPA reports in the Appraisal Journal that a home’s value increases by $20 for every $1 decrease in annual electricity bills.  Homeowners who install solar on existing houses get nearly three times the premium of homeowners whose new house came adorned with solar.

Solar Myth #10: Obtaining A Second Opinion Is A Waste of Time

As we discovered in debunking Myth #3, while the potential of San Diego’s solar marketplace has attracted a great many participants, not all solar installers are created equal.

Solar is an investment designed to serve you and your family for decades, so be sure to check how long an installer has been doing solar electric installations. Beware of the hard-sell. Are they locally-owned, operated and accountable?  What kind of contracting licenses do they hold?  Do they have a Better Business Bureau rating?  Do they offer market-proven solar equipment?  What are their customers saying about them on Yelp?!   Click here for a list of questions that can help you feel confident in the solar company you’re considering engaging to install solar on your home.   And call the seasoned solar experts at Home Energy Systems for a credible second opinion.   We’re here to help – and we’ll be around if and when you need us.

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