While we all know the benefits of adding solar to your home, did you know there are equally as many ways solar power can benefit your business?

Let us dive into how solar can benefit your business or commercial building.

solar panels on skylineWhile heat and light from the Sun has been used by humans for as long as we have been on this planet, we have only quite recently in our history started harnessing that solar energy to produce solar power. With concerns about our environment and depletion of natural resources like non-renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels, there has been growing interest in renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy such as the Sun and wind. Solar radiation from the sun can be harnessed and converted into heat and electric energy using solar cells, since you have made it to our website you probably already knew this. Solar power has been used in the past few years in remote locations where electric lines have been unable to extend in to. However, nowadays the use of solar energy is extending into urban environments as well. This is due to awareness of green energy solutions by consumers as well as costs of solar systems being reduced through advancing technology as well as rebates and tax cuts offered by governments worldwide.


The Sun provides energy in the form of heat and light radiation. Some solar power systems utilize the heat energy to heat air and water while other systems directly transform the light radiation into electricity. Solar water heating and solar furnaces both use the Sun’s heat energy. It helps conserve gas and electricity, both in residential use as well as commercia­l. Electricity can be directly produced from solar energy with the help of solar cells or photovoltaic (PV) cells which convert sunlight into electricity. A large amount of individual PV cells connected together forms a solar panel. An inverter converts the DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity which then goes to the electrical panel to power the building. One square meter of solar panel can generate enough electricity to run a 100watt bulb.

For commercial use, there are three ways to mount your solar for optimized performance and energy generation. .

  • Roof Mount
  • Ground-Mount
  • Car Port
  • Or a combination of any of the above
  • solar panel sight
  • Over 400 kW of commercial solar installed by H.E.S. on the Copley-Price YMCA in 2016


Commercial solar systems for businesses is one of the fastest-growing segments of the worldwide solar market. This can be primarily contributed to the growing awareness of the benefits of solar electricity, including federal tax cuts and rebates for solar power systems. Other benefits include:

  • Return on investment (RoI) of large solar power systems in 5 to 8 years.
  • Saving on power costs since utility rates are continuously rising. Moreover, after the RoI period, the business will essentially be generating free power for itself.
  • Green initiatives such as using eco-friendly, renewable energy sources like solar energy appeal to customers.
  • Using solar power greatly reduces your carbon footprint, allowing you to operate as a business that is serious about protecting the environment, fulfilling your corporate social responsibility in the process.
  • Specifically, HES Solar has installed over three million watts of commercial solar in the San Diego area since 2001. H.E.S. Solar has experienced a variety of unique commercial solar systems over the years.

solar panels with flag

The potential for solar power in San Diego is immense as it receives a lot of sunlight, with 260 to 268 days of sunlight in a year, which makes it a perfect place for implementing solar power systems. With all of that abundant, free and clean source of energy, it only makes sense to capitalize on it, especially when the economic environment to do so is ripe, with local, state and federal incentives available. For more information on how your business can monetize the sun with solar power click here or to learn more about the benefits of commercial solar click here.


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