Solar carports and ground mounted solar panels are a growing trend in the world today, especially among businesses with high utility bills. Both can be either residential or commercial in nature. Ground mounted solar panels and carports are installed on the ground as opposed to roof mounted solar panels. There are numerous factors you need to consider before deciding on a solar panel system such as where you live, how much space you have, your budget, your energy requirements, your climate, the nature of your roof or ground, the kind of rebates offered for solar energy etc.

Ground-Mounted solar panels are panels that are mounted low to the ground utilizing unused land space.

Solar carports are basically overhead canopies that are designed to cover parking areas and large areas in general. Carports are similar to ground mounted solar system, only they are usually raised much higher to accommodate shaded parking.


A solar carport and ground-mounted solar have the potential to provide energy for solar parking lotyour entire home or office and decrease your investment in electric payments over time. You can even completely eliminate the need for electricity if you have an efficient carport system. Solar can stabilize your cash flows as well.

Ideal angle for flexibility – Your roof may not offer the required orientation your panels need or it may not be south facing. However, with a ground mounted system, you will not have any constraints in terms of the angle you need. Ground panels are more efficient in general than roof panels because they will not lose a small percentage of their overall production due to orientation and angle issues. You will also enjoy the freedom to adjust the level of tilt and orientation as you please.

Panels are kept cooler – In order to function at optimal efficiency, most solar panels will need to be kept cool. If the panels become too hot, they will start to lose energy and efficiency. Hence, keeping panels cool is very important. Ground-mounted panels have more space below them so air is able to circulate more freely. Airflow is better in a ground mount system than a rooftop system, so ground solar panels are kept cooler, which increases their level of efficiency.

No infrastructure changes required – In order to install solar panels on your roof, you will need to at least drill holes in your roof for installation. If your roof is not strong enough, you will have to reinforce it, which will significantly increase the costs. The more penetrations you have on your roof, the higher the chances of failure. With ground-based solar panels, you will not need to alter the existing infrastructure of your home in any manner. They require no drillings, and the bracings used for standard ground systems are typically lightweight and extremely easy to remove. You will also have more room for expansion.


solar on commercial buildings

Large companies are increasingly embracing the ideas of creating massive carports as corporate parking lots. A solar canopy has the potential to power

your home or business in a very efficient manner while keeping cars cool. You can basically convert what was empty space into a powerful generator of energy using the power of the sun.

At the moment businesses that operate with high overhead cost due to a large amount of energy consumption can benefit the most from solar carports. In addition, a commercial building can expect to see a larger return on investment over the lifetime of their solar carport system. However, in the coming decades, they will be more economically feasible and viable for their numerous benefits for residential consumers as well.


The solar carports are different from traditional ground mounted and roof mounted solar panels. Solar carports allow for a large number of panels to be installed. They do not need any extra land like a ground mounted system does and they offer a far more efficient use of space. In addition, solar carports, similar to the ground mounted systems, are capable of producing energy much more efficiently. This is because solar engineers are able to design the solar system to tilt in a specific direction. This is optimal for energy production because tilting the panels help them capture the most amount of sunlight in a day. Numerous states, such as Massachusetts, offer incentives for carports for ground mounts due to their benefits. They have fewer conflicts and restraints than ground mounted systems, and they will be preferable in the long term over ground mounted systems. Learn more about commercial solar and the different types of mounted systems.

Solar carports shield your car from the intense heat of the sun. They keep cars a lot cooler when the weather is blistering hot, and they minimize radiant heat transfer. In turn, the vehicle uses lesser energy to cool down and the A/C will not need to function at full blast when you switch it on. The efficiency of your vehicle increases along with its longevity. Your vehicle will also pump out fewer harmful emissions into the air.

A solar carport will also decrease the cost of maintaining and running a parking lot. Solar carports can be designed to redirect snow and rain to certain areas, which would reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance. Solar carports can also make parking safer for you, your family, and your employees by reducing the level of ice in the parking lot. By using a solar carport, you are also displaying your commitment to a sustainable future.

layers of panels


Solar panels are at their most efficient when you can keep them free of dust and other debris. Panels on the ground are far easier to clean and maintain on a regular basis than panels on the roof. This becomes even more prominent during winter when you need to remove snow from your panels, and your roof will not give you as much flexibility and room to maneuver in like the ground. Also, if your roof ever requires repairs or maintenance, you may have to disassemble the entire operation, but you will not need to do so with a ground mount system.


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