HES Solar, along with Hamann Construction, is set to use the high-efficiency SunPower solar energy solutions on six YMCA locations across San Diego. These six locations include Toby Wells YMCA (Kearny Mesa), Mission Valley YMCA, McGrath Family YMCA (Rancho San Diego), Cameron Family YMCA (Santee), Jackie Robinson Family YMCA (Southeastern San Diego), and Dan McKinney Family YMCA (La Jolla).

Once installed and operating the solar power systems are expected to offset approximately 70 to 85 percent of each locations’ energy consumption, potentially saving these YMCA facilities millions of dollars over the lifetime of the systems. HES Solar will be installing SunPower’s Helix™ Roof Dual-Tilt System and SunPower Helix Carports, the SunPower Helix design approach is beautifully simple: the more seamless the integration, the more reliable the result.

HES Solar has already broken ground on the first of six YMCA locations in San Diego County and is set to be complete within the next few weeks. Follow this article for any updates related to these projects. All updates will be stated at the bottom of the article. The entire project is expected to be completed within the next year.

These projects build on the solar installation currently operating at Copley-Price Family YMCA in San Diego’s City Heights neighborhood, also in partnership with Hamann Construction. The two companies have shown that together they provide high value and quality workmanship for the YMCA, as well as the community members of San Diego.


6 YMCA of San Diego County Locations

Locations include: Toby Wells YMCA, Mission Valley YMCA, McGrath Family YMCA, Cameron Family YMCA, Jackie Robinson Family YMCA, and Dan McKinney Family YMCA

  1. Rooftop SunPower® System
  2. SunPower® Helix™ Carports Systems
  3. SunPower® Helix™ Roof Dual-Tilt System with SunPower® Helix™ Carports

2.482 megawatts for all six locations combined

Estimated energy production equals 4,056,953-kilowatt hours

“This portfolio of solar projects with the YMCA is a great example of our mission to provide clean, inexpensive, reliable energy to the communities of San Diego,” states Ross Williams, Vice President of HES Solar, “We couldn’t be more excited to partner once again with one of San Diego’s best in strengthening our communities.”

HES Solar set out to fulfill the YMCA’s vision of improving the quality of human life, for not only those who choose to utilize and enjoy its facilities, but for all residents in the San Diego community. HES Solar is able to bring clean, renewable energy to the Y in six additional locations this year.

“At the YMCA of San Diego County, we have many facilities (17 branches and three camps) – and we’re always looking to implement sustainability measures to help our facilities be energy efficient,” said Luis D’Carpio, the organization’s Vice President of Facilities & Sustainability. “HES Solar in collaboration with Hamann Construction and San Diego Gas & Electric are helping us better achieve our goals in this space.”

HES Solar was the first ever to install a SunPower® Helix™ solution. Already breaking ground with design and innovation in the San Diego commercial solar field, HES Solar is excited to continue to provide clean energy for the residents and businesses of San Diego County.

Property owners interested in learning more about solar for business or commercial buildings can click here or stop by the Home Energy Showroom & Design Center at 5980 Fairmount Ave. Suite 105.


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