Research shows that solar power is now more popular than ever. However, some homeowners are still concerned about the effectiveness of solar panels during the winter. Let’s take a closer look at which season is best for solar energy production.


Contrary to popular belief, solar panels are engineered to perform well throughout the year. In fact, they tend to be the most efficient during the winter. Colder temperatures actually help solar energy systems to more effectively convert energy from the sun into an electric current. Homeowners who have a solar system rarely experience a noticeable drop in energy production during the winter. Germany, which is known for its cold winters, is among the world’s leaders in solar power.

Although there may not as much sunlight during winter in certain parts of the world, this isn’t a problem. Remember, the sun is always producing energy–even on cloudy days! When installing a solar system, technicians check to determine the best position for optimum sunlight exposure. During the winter, you can use an adjustable rack to easily modify the angles of your panels.

It’s a myth that solar energy systems don’t perform well in snow-prone areas. Light snow usually just slides off the smooth panels. As the white snow reflects light, this actually helps improve performance. Although heavy snow covering the panels will greatly limit production, it should quickly melt away. Professionals can also use a solar panel snow rack to clear any accumulation.


Although home solar systems typically don’t require much maintenance, there are a few steps you can take to boost production. For starters, it’s a good idea to conserve energy when possible. Simply remembering to turn off your lights when you don’t need them can have a noticeable impact. You should also make sure your home is properly insulated, which will further improve energy efficiency.

Bottom line: HES Solar is committed to revolutionizing the way the world is powered. Interested in green, sustainable energy? Contact us at (619) 350-0032.


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