Community solar is a convenient way to enjoy the advantages of using solar energy as a group. It makes it possible to invest in solar energy together, which is helpful when you’re unable to install solar panels on your property.

Here just some of the benefits of going co-op with solar energy.


According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, 49 percent of households are unable to host conventional solar systems. Many of these are rental properties or do not have the space to accommodate solar array. Community solar allows individuals to join a shared solar farm, which is located off-site, typically on municipal land or brownfields.

This means that renters and condo owners may be able to reap the rewards of using solar energy. This allows for great savings on monthly utility bills.

Community investment in a solar farm can also aid economic development, attracting businesses to the area to save operating costs. And local utility companies benefit: a consolidated solar array eases stress on the grid, and streamlines operations.


When a homeowner decides to install solar panels, the process can be challenging. Panels are meant to be placed in a sunny spot and at a certain angle. Although long-term savings is a benefit, the upfront investment can be costly. Community solar helps a homeowner avoid both of these issues. No panels are needed. Instead, homeowners purchase a subscription, which provides electricity at a discounted rate.


We all know fossil fuels pollute the environment. When you choose solar as a means of power, you’re reducing your environmental impact. Community solar programs help remove the technical and financial barriers, making renewable energy available to all. And it’s catching on! The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that shared solar will account for up to half of the overall solar energy market share in the U.S.


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Our employees are given temperature checks each time they enter the office, and office visits are only allowed when necessary. 

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