If you’re going to invest in solar energy, this is the year to do it. Here’s why:


The Solar Investment Tax Credit, more commonly referred to as the Solar ITC, dangles an enticing carrot in front of potential solar owners: a 26% tax credit. That means you can deduct up to 26% of the total cost of installing solar from your federal taxes. Some restrictions apply — those who lease a solar panel system or are in a power purchase agreement are not eligible.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you better hurry. The federal government is phasing out this program, reducing the credit to 22% by 2021. After that, the residential tax credit expires and only business owners will be eligible for a 10% deduction.

By scheduling an installation for a solar panel system this year, you can ensure the highest possible tax credit for your investment in solar energy.


One thing is certain: the cost of electricity isn’t getting any cheaper. Local utility rates are on the rise. Homeowners in San Diego are paying an average of about $0.16 cents per kilowatt-hour. Many solar-energy customers, however, are averaging about $0.10 per kilowatt-hour, in many cases much less. You can lock in those savings over the lifetime of your solar panels.


The energy generated by your residential solar panel installation can be used to power your home, store electricity, and offset the cost of electricity. Your new solar panel system can add up to real savings that will increase as you pay for the installation and begin to generate more electricity for your home (in some cases, your home will generate excess energy that you can sell back to the utility provider).

By making an investment in solar energy today, you can enjoy years of savings on the cost of power for your San Diego home.


Electricity generated by solar panels is clean, safe, and reliable, which means that the environment can benefit significantly from the use of solar technologies to generate electricity compared with fossil fuel methods. By choosing solar energy to provide some or all of the power needs for your home, you can ensure the best and most environmentally sound solutions on behalf of your family.

Whether you need battery-backup solutions for an existing system or a brand-new solar panel installation for your San Diego home, HES Solar offers the most advanced solutions for your solar power needs. We offer systems designed by top manufacturers, such as Tesla and SunPower, which ensures that you receive practical options for managing your energy needs in our area.


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HES Solar places safety as our highest priority, and that extends from our employees to our customers, to anyone else we may potentially be in contact with through the course of business. Along with the safety procedures we adhere to in the normal course of our work and projects, we have instituted several safety protocols for all of our employees during these times of vigilant public health precautions due to COVID-19. 

Our employees are given temperature checks each time they enter the office, and office visits are only allowed when necessary. 

We’ve instituted remote working for all of our employees who are able to perform their job duties at home. Meetings are done through virtual meeting rooms. 

Field employees maintain a six-foot distance between themselves and fellow employees, customers, vendors, and all others unless unavoidable. 

Masks are required whenever interacting with fellow employees, customers, or the public and whenever social distancing is not possible. 

To ensure these procedures can be met, employees have been provided with face masks or face coverings, eye protection, gloves (as necessary), and foot coverings (as necessary). 

To help ensure frequent sanitizing, employees have been provided sanitizers in the form of gel, liquid, and wipes, antibacterial soap, and paper products for cleaning such as tissues and paper towels. 

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