HES Solar Announces New Residential Re-brand as SunPower by HES Solar

HES Solar Announces New Residential Re-brand as SunPower by HES Solar

HES Solar kicks off Q2 with a new name and continued growth


SAN DIEGO, Calif., April 1, 2021 – HES Solar, established this month in 2001 in San Diego as Home Energy Systems, became HES Solar in 2017 and today the solar installer has upgraded its partnership with SunPower to re-brand the residential division as SunPower by HES Solar. The change comes as a result of SunPower’s invitation to advance from Elite Dealer status to Master Dealer status and the announcement comes just eight weeks after the HES Solar commercial division received SunPower’s highest award for performance, the 2020 SunPower National Commercial Dealer of the Year. 

This change infuses both current and future solar customers with confidence in SunPower by HES Solar because of the stringent criteria SunPower uses when vetting each dealer for Master Dealer status consideration. This invitation-only selection is made only after SunPower witnesses continuous years of the highest level of installation, training, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, Master Dealers must demonstrate local expertise in jurisdiction, permit regulations, and any other impactful rules, regulations, or hurdles homeowners may face and must easily overcome to ensure a completely satisfying solar system build and ongoing superior production performance. 

Along with the partnership change and due to the rapid growth of SunPower by HES Solar’s residential teams, a brand new third line of business launches today – the HES Solar service department. Committed to offering more solar protection options, system additions such as electric vehicle (EV) charger and array growth, and system modifications or repairs, the service department partly stems from the growing need of homeowners with systems installed by other solar companies who are no longer around to service them. HES Solar’s service team had adopted enough of these orphaned systems to branch out a new, unique, and multi-faceted department. 

The re-branding of the residential department kicks off the change with a new website designed for a sleeker look and an improved user experience without losing any of the functionality or educational content of the previous site. The website still includes the helpful solar calculator that offers homeowners a quick glance at the financial savings solar can provide their specific household. The website also hosts the commercial and service department pages and will soon include a unique ecommerce extended warranty purchase function. 

The residential department’s look on the streets and rooftops changes with a new SunPower by HES Solar look to its crews, vehicles, and office building. HES Solar continues its partnership as the official solar provider of the Padres Radio Network and is thrilled to announce the exciting changes at SunPower by HES Solar to coincide with the opening home game of the 2021 baseball season. 

“This is something we’ve been working on for a long while and working toward for much longer than that.” Said Ross Williams, President and CEO “We were thrilled when SunPower extended the offer to become one of their Master Dealers, a designation held by only a handful of companies nationwide.  I couldn’t be happier and more proud of our team and what we’ve been able to accomplish in a short while.  Combined with our world class expertise and SunPower’s innovations we are excited to go to the next level.  . It’s a wonderful time to get into solar and we have the best resources in-house for anyone in Southern California looking to power their home or business with clean, inexpensive, and reliable renewable energy.” 

“Prior to joining HES Solar last year, I worked at SunPower, so I was very aware of the high integrity, top quality, and positive company culture that has been established over the past 20 years and will continue at what is now, officially, SunPower by HES Solar.” Added Brad Souza, Vice President of Residential. “I’ve seen from the SunPower side how positively impactful stepping up to this partnership level can be for the installing company as well as its customers. Knowing what HES Solar was capable of prior to this upgrade makes me very excited about the future and what SunPower by HES Solar will be able to offer homeowners throughout Southern California.” 

“I’ve seen steady growth since starting at HES Solar in 2010, but the company’s recent surge is at another level,” Said Phil Salas, Director of Service for the new division. “I’m looking forward to bringing all that we have to offer to customers not just who have an HES Solar system, but all solar homes in the region. It feels good to have a program at HES Solar to take care of any home system to keep California running on clean, renewable energy.” 

SunPower by HES Solar has several more announcements coming soon in addition to its new level of partnership, new name, new look, and new website. The innovative solar company is positioned to deliver renewable energy systems to homeowners looking to save money, gain more control of energy use, and add more renewable energy to their lifestyle. 

For more information on SunPower by HES Solar, call 619-692-2015 or visit www.hessolar.com



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