YMCA Coloring Contest with HES Solar System Connection!

YMCA solar coloring contest artwork

The YMCA of San Diego County just kicked off a coloring contest that could tie into an HES Solar system you’re considering. You can get kids ages 3-12 involved. They will be eligible to win a cool prize that leads to more fun with YMCA youth programs. You only need to pick up a copy of the coloring sheet at any San Diego YMCA; you can also download it right from the YMCA coloring contest announcement. The sheet shows a sunny day with the HES Solar logo over a home solar system rooftop panel array. Have your kid color the artwork. Then turn it in at a YMCA branch or here on our site (please read the rules on the YMCA website story). Your kids could win a $100 certificate toward a YMCA of San Diego County youth program. 

solar system coloring contest, YMCA

The artwork will be judged and the two winners announced on October 20th. The rules will tell you the ways to return the artwork. You will also learn and also about the solar partnership between the Y of SD and HES to help grow the YMCA; you will see a way to make more San Diego homeowners and business owners aware of the great savings an HES Solar system can provide.

The coloring contest ends in October, and the solar partnership promo ends at the end of the year. As you can image, coloring a drawing of a home with solar is a quicker project than installing a home solar system with with rooftop solar. So if you want to win savings at the Y, get that coloring sheet turned in. If you want to win with savings on electric bills, get in touch with the top solar company in San Diego soon. 

Idea for the solar system theme coloring contest

This fun coloring contest idea came out of HES Solar’s 2021 partnership with the YMCA of San Diego County. HES Solar got involved with the organization through seven commercial solar installations. Those systems are mostly rooftop solar, but some include carport solar panel arrays which also provide parking lot shade. We were fortunate to design and construct these commercial solar systems. We contacted the Y when it was time to do something special to celebrate our 20th Anniversary as one of the best solar companies in Southern California. 

Our solar sales and solar installs slowed when the 2020 lockdowns first hit. HES Solar was able to recover relatively quickly; more San Diego homeowners worked from home and discovered there was a lot of money to be saved by going solar. Solar is especially effective in Sunny San Diego with its abundant sunshine and hot days. The sunny weather feels great, but it taxes home air conditioners. Solar is an ideal way to lower home cooling costs. Rooftop solar panels use the power of the sun that heats the home to lower electricity bills that come from cooling the home with AC. 

The YMCA was not as quick as HES Solar to rebound. Locked doors on an organization dedicated to providing services, camps, and gym facilities made the lockdowns a major impact on the organization and employees at the Y. But the Y is back serving the community; it provides great gym facilities. It’s no secret that a healthier body is better able to fight and recover from viruses, so we hope people everywhere join a YMCA and use their great gym and first class facilities to boost their health (and feel better, too!). 

Partnership kick-off

To kick off our 2021 partnership with the Y, HES Solar gave a donation and held a really fun batting practice event at the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA in July; the facility is between Lincoln Park and Mountain View. Click this link to see photos from that Tony Gwynn YMCA batting clinic.

The partnership gives you a way to increase our donation to the YMCA. Homeowners in San Diego in the market for a home solar system can initiate an additional $500 donation from HES Solar to the YMCA of San Diego County by referencing our 2021 YMCA partnership promotion. Just contact us about building a home solar system for you. The easiest way to learn about solar power and help the YMCA at the same time is to send us your contact information through this link to the YMCA solar promotion. You’ll enroll to trigger a YMCA donation if you buy a home solar system from HES Solar before the end of the year. 

Already have a solar system?

If you’re not looking for solar we hope that’s because you already have an HES Solar system on your house. You can still help other homeowners discover the benefits of an HES Solar system. Refer them to us through this page to earn solar referral rewards and learn about our referral app. You will get a friend started on their energy independence and earn a generous referral bonus. Remember to mention “YMCA promo” in the notes when you submit the referral. The YMCA gets another $500 donation if your referral purchases a home solar system from us in 2021.

Please note the details on the page about our solar referral program. You must submit the referral through the HES Solar app in order to qualify for your $500+ referral bonus. You can earn $750 if your referral includes a home battery in their solar system. A $1000 referral reward goes to you if refer a commercial solar client to us who installs an HES Solar system. 

Enter today

But back to the coloring contest for kids! Please get a copy of the artwork and contest rules. You can download it from the announcement story on the YMCA of San Diego County website, but please use this opportunity to visit a local YMCA facility if you haven’t recently. They’re a great group. The YMCA provides a lot of incredible and needed benefits to San Diego. We’d love to be a small part of their speedy rebound from the lockdowns.

You’re also likely to see one of their commercial HES Solar systems. Look for rooftop or carport mounted solar panels when you drop into a local YMCA. You can see our systems in Santee, La Jolla, Spring Valley, Kearny Mesa, Mission Valley, North Park, and more areas. Solar is powering the facilities. After you renew your YMCA membership, if you haven’t already, get a good workout in. Then pick up your coloring contest artwork sheet. After your kid or kids color the artwork you just turn it in. Who knows – you might find even more ways to save and earn money. Maybe you will discover a little artist in the family!


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