HES Solar’s Growth Creates New San Diego Green Energy Corporation: HES Commercial Inc.

HES Commercial Inc formed from HES Solar growth

HES Commercial Formed to Build More Southern California Commercial Solar Systems and Offer More San Diego Green Energy Job Opportunities

SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 10, 2023 – HES Solar successfully implemented one of its major growth initiatives with the creation of HES Commercial Inc., a new, independent, privately-held clean energy corporation. The new company continues the brand’s focus on delivering energy independence, energy cost stabilization, and energy cost savings to Southern California clients. Rapid company growth, including the formation of several new office and field career opportunities, sees the commercial group expand into an independent corporation years ahead of expectations. 

In a news cycle of corporate acquisitions, downsizing, and California layoffs, the San Diego-based green energy company is branching into two corporations as the overall employee headcount grows. New, San Diego-based jobs at HES Commercial Inc. will help California surpass its clean energy goals. Between HES Solar and HES Commercial, the newly-formed corporations retain 100% of their current headcount along with several open positions still actively being filled. 

The formation of the new corporation had been internally considered as a future initiative; company growth, combined with changes to California and Federal solar tariffs and incentives, moved this new company formation well forward on its timeline. HES Commercial will continue working out of the Kearny Mesa location alongside HES Solar’s residential and service divisions. There is expected to be minimal disruption in the day-to-day operations of both groups. 

“I’m excited to formally announce this new development of our brand,” said Ross Williams, Owner and CEO of HES Solar and now also of HES Commercial. “For years we’ve worked very hard to develop each business unit as a standalone entity. After years of hard work we get to take that a step further and launch a new organization. The formation of the new company will help us to laser focus on each market and provide an even better customer experience. Even though we’ve been anticipating this development for years, it’s happening ahead of schedule because of the tremendous growth we’ve seen. I’m so grateful to my team for their incredible work and also grateful to our clients, both new and long-standing, for the strong relationships that make this possible.”

“As we’ve steadily grown the department over the last few years, it’s exciting to see it become its own company,” added Wenjie Chen, Director of HES Commercial. “I’ve grown my team with great people and that’s translated directly into more clients, more projects with our existing portfolio clients, and a more efficient process for each project. I attribute our rapid growth to our customer-centered approach, knowing their needs, and executing to ensure they are getting exactly what they were looking for. Also a large part is doing it with great partnerships with companies like Energy Toolbase, IVY Energy, H.G. Fenton Company, Hamann Companies, ColRich and so many more.”

HES Commercial will continue its design, installation, and expansion of the best-quality commercial solar, energy storage, and EV charging stations in Southern California. HES Commercial will operate under the California State Licensing Board (CSLB) #1102539. The new company formation is expected to be completed by the end of Q2, 2023. The new corporation furthers HES Solar’s, and now also HES Commercial’s, mission to improve the way the world produces and consumes energy. 

About HES Solar

HES Solar is a local, family-owned and operated, full-service solar company established in San Diego in 2001. The innovative company uses the best quality solar and energy storage equipment to create energy systems that are optimized for durability and performance. HES Solar is also a Tesla Energy certified installer as well as an EV charging station installer. HES Solar provides top-tier support as more clients gain energy independence through renewable, money-saving alternatives to utility power. 

About HES Commercial 

HES Commercial is a local, family-owned and operated California corporation that developed from the commercial division of HES Solar. HES Commercial was formed after several years of strong growth attributed to innovation, focus on client needs, and best-in-class commercial energy system construction. HES Commercial brings rooftop solar, carport solar, long span solar, energy storage, micro grid design, and EV charging stations to businesses throughout California.


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Robert Laverty

Senior Energy Consultant, Residential

Robert Laverty joined the HES team in the summer of 2018, bringing his ten years of solar design experience and his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound with him. Robert is dedicated to finding solutions to help families produce and store electricity in order to reduce their reliance on grid power as well as help reduce their household’s carbon footprint. Robert’s experience as a newspaper editor as well as his involvement with the sustainability-focused Rocky Mountain Institute drives him to constantly seek out innovative ways to meet energy needs through renewable resources as well as helps him share those ideas with Southern California homeowners. When not at work or volunteering time with his church or community, Robert spends time with his wife and two sons or pursues his passion of fly fishing.

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