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A Top Solar Energy Company in San Diego

HES Solar is a local, family owned and operated, full-service solar company that was established in San Diego in 2001. Since our founding, our main focus has been to share the financial and environmental benefits of solar renewable energy with both residential and commercial clients. Our solar experts use the best quality solar arrays from SunPower to provide energy systems that are designed for durability and results. We also use SunPower and Tesla for battery storage to provide maximum energy storage for your home, business, or electric vehicles. All of our installers are certified by SunPower, Tesla, Enphase, and BYD and we don’t subcontract our installations. We are committed to customer satisfaction and provide top-tier support to all of our customers. We specialize in turn-key implementation of money-saving alternatives to utility power that includes design, installation, and monitoring:

We have brought solar power to the people since 2001 and can help you too. Call us at 619-692-2015 or schedule your free energy consultation online.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Ross Williams

President and CEO

Brad Souza

Vice President of Residential

Wenjie Chen

Director of Commercial

Meet Our Commercial Team


Director of Commercial Sales


Commercial Sales Engineer


Commercial Project Manager


Chief Electrical, Commercial


Commercial Construction Manager

Meet Our Residential Team


Director of

Christian “Tako” Tucker

Residential Construction Manager


Senior Energy Consultant, Residential


Senior Energy Consultant, Residential


Energy Consultant, Residential


Energy Consultant, Residential

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Digital Marketing Specialist


Content Marketing Specialist

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Ross Williams

President And CEO

Mr. Williams joined Home Energy Systems in 2010 where he began developing and implementing many of the company’s programs and policies that are still in use today. His degree in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh as well as his professional experience as a successful project manager for a Washington DC area general contractor served him well when he moved to California and joined the solar industry and its purpose. Mr. Williams spurred initial quick growth of the brand and immediately knew it was his calling. So confident in the business’ direction, in 2015 Mr. Williams purchased the company from its trailblazing founder and has since expanded, improved, and even rebranded the company to HES Solar. Through innovation, a focus on customer care, partnerships with premier solar component providers, and the evolution of a company culture his efforts have resulted in an average annual growth of 30% and recently led to HES Solar’s designation as the 2020 SunPower Commercial Dealer of the Year.

Brad Souza

Vice President of Residential

Mr. Souza joined HES Solar in the Spring of 2020 to oversee the Residential division just as the COVID-19 lockdowns were being enacted. Undaunted, and with 22 years in the energy industry, Mr. Souza led the division through the rapidly changing business landscape and ultimately delivered the division’s best quarter just nine months after taking the reins. Mr. Souza’s work experience at SunPower exposed him to HES Solar’s impressive design, install, and service functions as well as the company culture, and when an opportunity arose for him to grow what he saw as the best solar installer in Southern California he made the leap and has steadily expanded the Residential division. Mr. Souza has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Resources Engineering with an emphasis on Energy from Humboldt State University and an MBA from the University of Southern California. He is also a licensed Mechanical Engineer in California.

Wenjie Chen

Director Of Commercial

Mr. Chen first applied his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley to auto industry projects prior to entering the solar industry in 2011 with a stint in design & engineering at Tesla/SolarCity that took him through residential solar and into commercial solar. In July of 2017 Mr. Chen made the jump to HES Solar’s Commercial Division and since the HES Solar Commercial Division has won four straight SunPower Commercial Regional Top Producer of the Year awards as well as being honored with the 2020 SunPower National Commercial Dealer of the Year top designation. Mr. Chen leads HES Solar Commercial’s creation of the best quality systems that optimize locations, expansion of installations of energy storage and EV charging stations, strengthening of HES Solar’s amazing partnerships, and spreading of the company’s reach across the entire Southern California region from its San Diego home base.

Blake Miller

Commercial Project Manager

Mr. Miller grew up in Arizona but spent summers working in San Diego. He started with HES Solar in 2018 and in 2019 moved full-time to San Diego, bringing along his Bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from Arizona State. Starting at the top, so to speak, Mr. Miller’s time at HES began in the field with commercial system solar array installs along with assisting in system design. Shortly thereafter Mr. Miller took on commercial design responsibilities and from there transitioned to Assistant Commercial Project Manager, at which point he earned a Project Management Professional Certificate from the University of San Diego. His knowledge, approach, and focus on providing the best quality systems soon advanced Mr. Miller to his current role as Commercial Project Manager where he oversees every step from inception to completion of commercial solar production, storage, and charging projects.

Spencer Holt

Director of Commercial Sales / Business Development

Mr. Holt developed a successful marketing and sales career before joining HES Solar in 2018 to lead the company’s Commercial Sales and Business Development. His knowledge, relationships and innovative approaches have been instrumental components in the strong and steady growth of HES Solar since his arrival. After earning a degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley Mr. Holt has made San Diego home for the past 20 years. He brings a wealth of local experience and relationships to the HES team, and he is excited to grow HES Solar through improving the financial position of local businesses while also expanding the renewable energy footprint in the state. He takes pride in HES Solar’s distinction of winning SunPower’s “Top Commercial Regional Producer of the Year ” award for four consecutive years as well as receiving SunPower’s 2020 National Commercial Dealer of the Year Award, the manufacturer’s top honor.

Gerardo Puebla

Commercial Sales Engineer

Mr. Puebla grew up in Los Angeles where he earned both an Associate of Science degree in Architecture from East Los Angeles College and then a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Cal State University, Dominguez Hills. Mr. Puebla was drawn to the solar industry by its constant innovation coupled with his desire for a career that would make a difference; he’s interested in emerging technologies applied to new ways to harness the sun’s energy. Working in the solar industry since 2009, Mr. Puebla’s path led him to HES Solar in 2021 where he now applies his philosophy of providing the perfect solar solution to clients’ energy needs. He appreciates HES Solar’s company philosophy of supporting its employees so that they can succeed and is excited to further grow the strong reputation HES Solar has been building over the past 20 years. In his time away from the computer and solar arrays Mr. Puebla is a youth soccer coach. He enjoys helping young players develop their soccer skills and he’s also been known to relax at a Dodger’s game or two.

Mike Collins

Chief Electrical, Commercial

Mr. Collins grew up primarily in San Francisco and in other areas of the United States, and as well he and his family lived in Australia for two years while he was a child. The family eventually settled in America’s Finest City and Mr. Collins chose to pursue a career as an electrician. He carries a certificate in embedded microcontrollers from the UCSD program, carried a C-10 Contractors License for six years, and worked with Martin Learn as an electrician prior to Mr. Learn founding what is now HES Solar in 2001. Once Mr. Learn had established the company and had the opportunity, he hired back Mr. Collins, who was happy to join the young company back in the early 2000s. Mr. Collins has been with HES Solar ever since, and holds the designation as being the HES Solar employee who has been with the company the longest. Mr. Collins applies most of his design and build expertise to challenging commercial projects but also gets called up for unique service or residential projects that can benefit from his vast experience, knowledge and understanding. When not working with electronics, Mr. Collins does his own car repair and micro brews small batches of beer.

Brett Reischman

Commercial Construction Manager

Mr. Reischman has been a San Diegan since the age of 15 after living in Washington, Alaska, and other parts of California. Mr. Reischman’s solar experience began in 2007 where he first gained expertise in commercial solar; his first job was a full megawatt-sized project. After gaining more expertise in commercial solar he transferred into residential solar construction where he became a Lead Inspection Tech and immediately implemented innovative approaches to improving the quality and completion speed of solar projects. Mr. Reischman joined HES Solar in 2021 where his innovation further bolsters the continued growth and efficiency improvements of HES Solar Commercial. As testament to Mr. Reischman’s penchant to build, one of his hobbies is blacksmithing.

Jay Miller

Director of Operations

After earning a degree from the University of State of New York, Excelsior, Mr. Miller launched his energy career under the sea aboard the USS Houston Los Angeles-class Naval attack submarine as an Engineering Watch Supervisor. Post-Navy, Mr. Miller remained in San Diego and built his 25+ year career in project and operations management. Mr. Miller’s core competencies found their way to the solar industry in 2010 where he brought positive practices in VP and Director roles. Jay Miller then brought his successful philosophy of constant improvement and increased efficiencies to HES Solar in 2021 to grow and foster the residential division’s rapid growth as more homeowners discovered the quick and steady financial payback solar provides. Mr. Miller was drawn by HES Solar’s strong reputation for top quality and customer satisfaction and is excited to help guide the company’s continued growth.

Christian “Tako” Tucker

Residential Construction Manager

Mr. Tucker grew up in Mexico and moved to Missouri where he graduated from high school and additionally earned a diploma in accounting. From there he moved to California before returning to Mexico to study Electromechanical Engineering. In 2017 Mr. Tucker joined HES Solar in the Commercial division and steadily and quickly rose from Installer to Roof Lead to his current role as Residential Construction Manager. Mr. Tucker, who goes by “Tako” with not only his crew but all co-workers and friends, ensures solid and precise alignment to every array, optimized integration for every inverter, ideal placement of each home storage system, and an efficient layout and installation of all electrical conduit and wiring. Mr. Tucker keeps his crews moving quickly and efficiently to match company growth as HES Solar systems power increasingly more and more homes and businesses across Southern California.

Robert Laverty

Senior Energy Consultant, Residential

Robert Laverty joined the HES team in the summer of 2018, bringing his ten years of solar design experience and his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound with him. Robert is dedicated to finding solutions to help families produce and store electricity in order to reduce their reliance on grid power as well as help reduce their household’s carbon footprint. Robert’s experience as a newspaper editor as well as his involvement with the sustainability-focused Rocky Mountain Institute drives him to constantly seek out innovative ways to meet energy needs through renewable resources as well as helps him share those ideas with Southern California homeowners. When not at work or volunteering time with his church or community, Robert spends time with his wife and two sons or pursues his passion of fly fishing.

Gene Najor

Senior Energy Consultant, Residential

Gene Najor is a San Diego native who earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration at San Diego State University. Gene is passionate about helping the environment and has found a calling in doing that while at the same time gaining another sense of satisfaction saving families money on their energy costs. Gene joined HES Solar in June of 2019 after five years in the solar and electric vehicle industry. Gene has seen the planet he loves, touching down in over 25 countries and visiting families in homes without electricity. Gene spends his free time with his wife and two kids.

Tom English

Energy Consultant, Residential

Tom English joined HES Solar in 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from San Diego State University, decades of customer service experience, years entrepreneurial business experience locally in Carlsbad, and five years of local solar industry experience. Tom has been an environmental advocate for his entire adult life and has a ‘one rooftop at a time’ philosophy toward improving the world, starting from his homebase of San Diego. Tom is also passionate about the cost savings that solar brings to homeowners in Southern California as they gain energy independence through renewable energy production and storage technology. When not helping grow renewable energy production Tom can be spotted in the waves or harnessing the wind on his hydrofoil surfboard.

David Shemai

Energy Consultant, Residential

Mr. Shemai joined HES Solar and helped accelerate the company’s strong 2021 growth. He grew up in Cincinnati and doubled-majored at Ohio State University in Business Marketing and Spanish Literature. Mr. Shemai stepped from the university commencement ceremony in Ohio almost directly onto the beach sand of San Diego in 2007. He has worked in the corporate world while also following his entrepreneurial drive in 2012 by creating and growing an active wear company with designs based on and inspired by the culture of Thailand. Mr. Shemai has been a sales consultant for fourteen years; applying that experience to the solar industry gives him great satisfaction by bringing the financial and environmental benefits of solar to more homes. When Mr. Shemai isn’t helping families plan and design their ideal solar system, he can be found surfing, sailing, climbing, running, SUPing, snowboarding or even playing the musical instrument “the hand pan.”

Eva Tan

Accounting Manager

Ms. Tan moved to Northern California from Singapore in 2004 and reached San Diego in 2012 where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Finance from UC San Diego. She worked for a short time as a consultant to HES Solar beginning in 2019 and joined the company full-time in 2020 to adapt the department to the company’s rapid growth. Ms. Tan structures and guides the accounting department’s procedures and systems to meet the evolving needs of the various departments she supports. HES Solar is the first solar industry company Ms. Tan has worked at and she is inspired and impressed by the passion her co-workers show for the work being done at the company.

Shannon Ricaud

Office Manager

Ms Ricaud moved to California in her teens and joined the HES Solar team in 2018. She learned the company and industry and was quick to react and adapt when the Covid-19 shutdowns were enacted then continuously adjusted. Ms. Ricaud became the ‘point person’ for many of the departments and her efforts helped not only facilitate the company’s fast recovery but also support its growth after the reductions to the restrictions. Ms. Ricaud enjoys the employees and takes pride in the rapid growth of HES Solar. She holds a degree in art and has a soft place in her heart for dogs.

Joel Ellazar

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mr. Ellazar is a California native; he was born in San Diego and returned to America’s Finest City years later with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Santa Clara University and an MBA in Marketing from the Keller Graduate School of Management. Mr. Ellazar joined HES in 2020, bringing with him experience from the technology industry, specifically with semiconductors, as well experience from the biotech field gained in Northern California. Combined with his consumer goods experience, Mr. Ellazar now grows the digital brand presence of HES Solar as well as increases exposure for all of the company’s departments: Commercial, Residential, and Service. When Mr. Ellazar isn’t building awareness of HES Solar throughout San Diego he can be found spending time with his wife out in the sunshine or inside watching sports.

Pete Peterson

Content Marketing Specialist

Mr. Peterson is a California native with a degree from UC Santa Barbara who enjoys writing, photography, and videography. After over a decade in enthusiast media where he rose to the title of Editor-in-Chief of a print magazine, Mr. Peterson transitioned into marketing content creation and joined HES solar in 2020 with a year of solar industry experience under his belt. Mr. Peterson hopes to shine a light on the great employees and quality works of HES Solar to Southern California residents through educational, informational, and occasionally lighthearted images and words. When Mr. Peterson isn’t creating marketing content, he enjoys writing novels and reading.


HES Solar places safety as our highest priority, and that extends from our employees to our customers, to anyone else we may potentially be in contact with through the course of business. Along with the safety procedures we adhere to in the normal course of our work and projects, we have instituted several safety protocols for all of our employees during these times of vigilant public health precautions due to COVID-19. 

Our employees are given temperature checks each time they enter the office, and office visits are only allowed when necessary. 

We’ve instituted remote working for all of our employees who are able to perform their job duties at home. Meetings are done through virtual meeting rooms. 

Field employees maintain a six-foot distance between themselves and fellow employees, customers, vendors, and all others unless unavoidable. 

Masks are required whenever interacting with fellow employees, customers, or the public and whenever social distancing is not possible. 

To ensure these procedures can be met, employees have been provided with face masks or face coverings, eye protection, gloves (as necessary), and foot coverings (as necessary). 

To help ensure frequent sanitizing, employees have been provided sanitizers in the form of gel, liquid, and wipes, antibacterial soap, and paper products for cleaning such as tissues and paper towels. 

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