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We’re ready to be your partner in your energy production and management journey. Whether you’re looking to expand, monitor, maintain, or restore your home’s energy, lighting, or looks, we have a multitude of options at your service.

HES Solar systems include top manufacturers’ warranties, a 10-year Workmanship warranty and a 5-year monitoring equipment warranty. The below offers are a step beyond even all of that. If you are experiencing any concerns or questions with your HES System, please call Service at 619.692.2015.

For upgrades to your service or monitoring package, please see below.

solar installers at service panel during commercial install of two Tesla Megapack storage systems

Operations and Maintenance Warranty Contracts

Every new HES Solar system proposal begins with the inclusion of a one-year Protect Package home warranty. The annual price for each of our extended solar warranty packages below is listed for HES Systems as well as a slightly higher price for non-HES Solar systems.

PROTECT PACKAGE $0 HES System /$99 Non-HES System

This package includes remote system monitoring for output performance as well as phone support for minor repairs that can be done for the homeowner. This package is free to all HES Solar customers and is offered at $99/year for systems designed by other solar installers whether those installers are currently in operation or not.

PROTECT PLUS PACKAGE $499 HES System/$599 Non-HES System

Our Protect Plus Package includes the benefits of Protect package plus more frequent active monitoring of your system’s output, one preventative maintenance inspection, one 2-hour service call, and panel cleaning once a year. This warranty also provides discounts on labor (20%) and non-warrantied parts (10%), eliminates overtime rate increases, and includes a quick initial site survey for assessment of the system.

PROTECT PRO PACKAGE $799 HES System/$899 Non-HES System

This is our top-level service warranty contract. It includes all the services and features of the Protect and Protect Plus Packages and adds to that a performance output guarantee with performance analysis, more-frequent output monitoring that includes updates of any issues, an additional 2-hour services call (two total calls included per year), and a panel cleaning every six months (twice a year compared to the Protect package’s once yearly cleaning schedule). In addition, the labor rate discount increases the 30%, and all non-warrantied parts are sold at our cost.

Solar System Post-Installation Projects

Below are some of the upgrades, additions, and other services we offer. In most cases you will not see a published price because each system and house has a unique design, and job size can require a permit for the project. HES Solar stands behind the work we do and we do it right for today and for tomorrow. If you are price shopping, please consider value over initial cost as we will do the job once and do it right.

We will provide a standard service evaluation visit within our territory for a one hour visit, which in many cases includes the completion of the needed adjustment or repair. Each additional hour or hours beyond that is billed. For repairs outside of our territory our hourly minimum increases to two hours, which increases the base price for the visit, with any additional hour or hours beyond that billed. We will service any brand or installer’s system with the stipulation that it must be a permitted system.

We commonly perform this service when homes have a new roof installed. Though a panel array will help protect the roof below it, in the case of a complete roof replacement the rooftop solar panels must be removed. Please call for a quote as each job is unique and variables such as system size, roof materials, roof pitch, array layout, etc. all play into the total job requirements.

Often a component to a full solar system install, a 240 volt EV charger installation, or simply just the 240 volt outlet (allowing the homeowner to purchase the charger of choice separately) is a relatively small electrical job to bring high speed charging to any garage whether or not the home is equipped with a solar system or home energy storage system.

We’ll show you the best EV chargers available for your needs whether you want us to ensure your charging station is optimized with your home solar system, help you best use a home energy storage system with EV changing, or simply evaluate your home electrical circuits and build you a properly-placed 240-volt car charger outlet.

For homeowners moving into a home with a pre-installed solar system that doesn’t match the family’s needs, to households with energy needs outside of homeowners’ expectations when designing their properly-sized system, to systems designed inadequately by other installers, we can expand nearly any system. Please call for a quote, as the brand of the current panels as well as roof and array design all factor into each custom panel addition project.

This service is included in our Gold and Diamond warranty packages but can also be purchased as a stand-alone project. Please contact us for pricing.

Other Services

Actively ventilating your home’s attic will allow your AC to work less, last longer, and save money; a lower attic air temperature allows an entire house to cool quicker and stay cooler with less energy expended.
We can open skylights or route solar tubes to bring sunlight in for bright, natural lighting during the day that requires zero electricity.
To eliminate concerns of pests or birds creating homes or nests under rooftop panels, we will set up micro fencing from the rooftop array to the roof to keep critters out without restricting airflow under your panels.
An aesthetic addition for homeowners who prefer the look, solar skirts give the front edge of rooftop solar panels a more solid and connected look by visually bridging the front edge of the rooftop array to the roof.

To speak with a Service Consultant please call 619.692.2015 or hit the button below to schedule a call.

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We are a San Diego-based, family-owned solar company. We have been an energy innovator since 2001 and can handle projects from small, rooftop solar panel additions to large-scale commercial microgrid systems. 

Our website is a great resource for your solar research. We’d also love to speak with you to answer any specific questions you have about your project. Click here to be contacted by an HES Solar representative, or simply dial us at 619-692-2015. We don’t use call centers so you’ll speak with a full-time HES Solar employee in California.

Robert Laverty

Senior Energy Consultant, Residential

Robert Laverty joined the HES team in the summer of 2018, bringing his ten years of solar design experience and his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound with him. Robert is dedicated to finding solutions to help families produce and store electricity in order to reduce their reliance on grid power as well as help reduce their household’s carbon footprint. Robert’s experience as a newspaper editor as well as his involvement with the sustainability-focused Rocky Mountain Institute drives him to constantly seek out innovative ways to meet energy needs through renewable resources as well as helps him share those ideas with Southern California homeowners. When not at work or volunteering time with his church or community, Robert spends time with his wife and two sons or pursues his passion of fly fishing.

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